Ardattin School 1910~13

National school records were introduced in 1831 when primary education was introduced. Each school register recorded the pupils age and religion. Most of the registers are held in the National Libray of Ireland Dublin.

Ardattin School County Carlow Roll Calls 1910 to 1913 in the parish of Ardoyne.             ( Infants to Seventh Class)

Sample Infant boys on the roll October 1910

  1. Pat Butler
  2. Jim Lennon
  3. Joe Dwyer
  4. Tom Flemming
  5. John Watchorn
  6. Par Roche
  7. Jim Murphy
  8. Mick Kehoe
  9. Jas McCardle
  10. Wm. Donohoe
  11. P.J. McCardle
  12. Willie Norse
  13. Mike Whelan

Two new boys joined the class in January 1911

Paul Butler

John Williams


Infant Girls 1st October 1910

Mary Nangle

Dinah Codd

Kate Lennon

Alice Flemming

Brigid Flemming

Sarah Neill

Chriss Fitzpatrick

Julia Codd

Molly Murphy

Louise Butler

eileen Pirson

May Anne Donohoe

Mary Doyle

Brigid Neill

Norah Brophy

Bessie Watchorn

Maggie Sweeney

Jan to April 1911 saw some new girls on the roll

Violet Coffey ...... Eileen Coffey

Nora Donohoe.............Bridie Whelan

Chrisse Roche, Alice Nolan, Lill Donohoe, Molly Flemming, Maggie Nagle, Julia Neill, Kate Kehoe , Mag Lennon.









Roll Book in English after the Civil War records were written in Gaeilge.