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Dr. Francis Haly first appointed to Rathvilly. (1783-1855)


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it is also worth noting that the state made it obligatory for the Church of Ireland rector to record all non catholic marriages from 1845 onwards. Hence some of the marriages recorded were neither Church of Ireland or Catholic.

Graveyard /Tombstone full detailed inscriptions and some maps

for the following places of Interment:

St Patricks Cemetery Tullow

The Abbey Cemetry Tullow

The Mullaun CemetryTullow

The Brigidine Cemetry Tullow

St John Baptist Grange Graveyard Tullow.

St Columbas Church and Graveyard inscriptionsTullow.

St Mary's Cemety Rathvilly

St Patricks Cemetry Rathvilly

Tyneclash Cemetry Kiltegan presently being updated and mapped

Some burials for Tullow 1767 to 1772


Baptisms/Marriages/ Burials

Tullow / Wicklow area 1700's and 1830/35 Burials/ Baptisms/Marriages

It is interesting to see the changes in many family names and beliefs down through the decades some no longer with us !

Newspapers cuttings from 1880's to 1950's covering Tullow & Rathvilly events.

Trade Directories 1800's to 1900's for Tullow

Ogham Magazine 18 issues which include detailed social/Trade history of Tullow and surrounding areas down through the years.

Military records of Tullow and Rathvilly soldiers from 1800 to 1900's

Plus other sources to be added shortly !

Old Ordanance Survey  maps of Tullow and Rathvily 1800's to !900's

Hacketstown burials and trade directory.

Defaulters/ Voting  list Tullow area.

Royal Irish Constabulary Field Repor Book Tullow area plus Officers names for Carlow. 

Landowners list 1870's Tullow area

Ardattin school goers 1910 to 1911

More sources to follow:




Tullow Burials , Marriages

New 1830 onwards sample records 

Burial of RICHARD STONE of TULLOW on 28 April 1830

Burial of GEORGE BURGESS of TULLOW on 22 June 1830

Burial of ELIZA SUNDERL on 3 October 1830

Burial of RUTH PEARCE on 18 October 1830

Burial of ELENAR BRADLEY on 31 October 1830

Burial of LUKE NEWTON on 27 November 1830



Burial of NATHANAEL BURGESS   on 24 October 1838

Burial of MARY SUNDERLAND of MOUNT WOLLSLEY on 9 January 1849

Burial of MARTHA HARLEY HOLMES of TULLOW BEG on 12 January 1849

Burial of SUSANNA KERSHAW of RATHGLASS on 22 January 1849

Burial of TERESA HURLEY of TULLOW BEG on 28 January 1849

Burial of FISHBOURNE of TULLOW on 22 April 1849

Burial of BART MIONON  of TULLOW on 23 April 1849


Burial of THOS SUNDERLAND of CROSSLOW on 29 April 1849

Burial of LETITIA CASTLES of TULLOW on 7 May 1849

Burial of MARY ANN WARREN of ARDRISHAW on 21 May 1849

Burial of j BURGESS of  STREET TULLOW on 13 August 1849

Burial of ELLAN TOWNSEND of RATH RUSH  on 5 September 1849

Burial of THOMAS HURLEY of TULLOW on 12 December 1849

Burial of CHRISTMAS MOORE  on 10 February 1803

Burial of JAS SHEPARD on 10 May 1803

Burial of THOMAS LYNAM  on 23 October 1803

Burial of DROUGHT  on 8 February 1809

Burial of SIMON GRACE  on 11 February 1809

Burial of ARCH MCLELLAND  on 11 February 1809

Burial of ANNE MEREDITH on 11 May 1809

Burial of MARGARET COODY on 8 January 1821

Burial of WM THOMAS BREWSTER  on 3 February 1821

Burial of WILLIAM WARREN  on 8 March 1821

Burial of JOHN WACHORN  on 13 April 1821

Burial of MARY CARTER  on 24 May 1821

Burial of THOMAS SUNDERLAND on 1 June 1821

Burial of JOHN PUTMAN  on 3 August 1821

Burial of WILLIAM SMYTH on 21 August 1821


 This page will ge updated periodically



The Abbey Cemetry Tullow

We recorded the full inscription, name ,age and year from each Headstone most of which were in good condition. There were however some with little or no information on them. Here is a list of the  family names on each monument. 

Ellen Archbold ,MurphyJames ArchboldJoseph Joe Archbold William Bill Archbold

Anne Birney ,Kennedy Peter Birney Lizzie Birney William Bolger Bridget Mulhall

James Byrne Magaret Taylor Magaret Byrne Mary Byrne Michael Byrne

Thomas Byrne Private W Byrne Corporal John Cosgrove Anne Darcy

Daniel Darcy Garret Darcy Michael Darcy Magaret Kelly Ellen Taylor

Anne Fanning Bridget Fanning Brigid Fanning Catherine Fanning

James Fanning James Fanning James Fanning John Fanning Magaret Fanning

Michael Fanning Peter Fanning Sarah Flynn James Fox Mary Fox

Mich Ignatus Fox Thomas FoxSarah Gorman Magaret Murphy James Kelly

Magaret Kelly Patrick Kelly Wm. Kelly Bridget Kelly James Morrissey

Bridget Mulhall Kathleen Mulhall Mary Anne Mulhall x 2 Mary Ellen MUlhall

Wm. Mulhall x 2 Brigid Murphy Magaret Murphy Murphy Mary Ann Halligan

Patrick Murphy Peter Murphy Wm. Murphy x 2 Private Michael Reilly

Catherine Rice

James Rooney Jane Rooney Jeremiah Rooney John Rooney John P Rooney

Magaret Rooney Fitzpatrick May Anne Rooney Agnes taylor Mary Taylor Nolan

Michel Taylor Patick Taylor Elizaabeth Murphy Taylor






07.07.2021 01:39

karen martin

i am looking for any records of a daniel doyle and margaret walsh they married in 1778 they had a son daniel born in 1779 trying to find burial and if daniel had any siblings thank you karen martin

03.10.2018 21:31


I am researching my family history and am hoping someone can help me find the answers that have so far escaped me. On 18 July 1831 in Tullow Carlow James Dobben (Dobbin) married Mary Donohoe. Help??

13.10.2017 06:58

Bill Holligan

A great site so far ...... showing respect for the people of the past centuries thru' turmoil, discord, poverty, etc I have researched Carlow material for 40yrs +
THIS WEEK , renovations /packing!!!

12.10.2017 10:06

Bill Holliga

Holligan of Kellistown - from c1785'to
1844 & 1854 departures to Port Philip /
Victoria ,Australiai

03.12.2019 07:45

Tom Halligan

Halligan is poss. an alternative spelling of Halligan. Google records of Halligan’s in Kellistown assc. And evictions of families of those involved in 1798 rising and Kellistown graveyard