Tullow Veterans commemeration

15th February 2016

We have recently acquired from a member of the Traynor Family in Dublin personal items belonging to Thomas Traynor which includes printed material plus photos . These 30 odd pieces of Traynor memorabilia will be part of our single exhibit in Tullow Museum which is now on display

As to our locally produced forthcoming publication 1916/22 OGHAM it is finished and  available in our museum

We in Tullowphelim Historical Society have also commissioned a stone mason to design a granite monument to honour Thomas Traynor which will be located near his birth place in Cannonsquarter Tullow.



Thomas Traynor

Thomas Pierrepoint 1920's

During 1900's Executions in Mountjoy Jail were carried out by Thomas Pierrepoint and his assistant John Ellis, the official hangmen at that time. He is reputed to have hanged many Irish rebels including Thomas Traynor.
He is credited with having carried out 294 hangings in his career, although no precise figure has been verified, as some of these were in Ireland.

Pierrepoint is the English hangman who gave the cash-strapped Irish government of the day a dig out by slashing his fee for a rare double execution in 1925, according to a periodical document he only charged half price in some cases....

Thomas Pierrepoint regularly travelled to Ireland from his home in Yorkshire to hang murderers sentenced to death here because the newly established Irish Free State was unable or unwilling to hire a local hangman and continued to use the services of British executioners.

Pierrepoint’s standard fee for a hanging was £10. But, in August 1925, he travelled to Mountjoy Prison for a rare double execution – of Annie Walsh (31) and her nephew Michael Talbot (24).

However, instead of charging total fees of £20, he charged just £5 for the second victim in a case of “buy one hanging, get the second for half price”.

The Pierrepoint family business stayed open until 1954, and included amongst its victims Óglaigh Na hÉireann members such as Charlie Kerins who was executed on 1 December 1944.

Another two victims of state executions, Maurice O' Neill and Richard Goss had shot but not killed Gardaí: They were executed by the state for a non-murder crime.

Michael Manning was the last person executed in the state. He was hanged by Albert Pierrepoint for murder on 20 April 1954

As a matter of interest the last woman to be hanged in Ireland was hanged in Carlow Gaol

Her name LUCY SLYE who was hanged for the murder of her husband in 1834.



John keoghTPHS.


Photo By John Keogh TPHS

Thomas Traynor

Thomas Traynor

For  months I have been going through the arrest records of Thomas Traynor both here in Ireland and looking at those housed in Kew Library England.  I have also looked at the capture of D.I Potter and how is captors felt about him. On a lighter note I recently received photos from a relation of Frank Traynor which will be included in our now published publication. In examining the documents I found that Thomas's wife Elizabeth family hailed from Mullinhahone Tipperary originally. With the amount of documents available and all the publications proposed fom Carlow groups.

Thomas Traynor,

(27 May 1882 - 25 April 1921)


A member of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was hanged in Mountjoy gaol during the Irish War of Independence. Thomas Traynor was born in Cannon’s Quarter Tullow County Carlow, Ireland, and was 39 at the time of his death, He was an experienced soldier and was a member of the Boland's Mill garrison during the 1916 Easter Rising, He was interned in Frongoch and in Wakefield Jail where he shared a cell with Seán Mac Eoin after the Rising. He worked as a boot maker and was married with ten children. At the time of his death the eldest was 18 years old and the youngest 5 months. Traynor's eldest son, Francis, represented Ireland at the 1928 Summer Olympics, competing as a bantamweight boxer.

Traynor was captured during an ambush on <a title="Auxiliary Division" href="%3

Frank Traynor

Eamon de Valera in Tullow
It is April 1971 and the 89 year old President of Ireland, Eamon de Valera, is in Tullow for the 50th anniversary Mass to commemorate the execution on 25th April 1921 in Mountjoy Jail of Thomas Traynor. Thomas Traynor was a native of Cannon's Quarter, Tullow, as a 35 year old recruit to the Irish Volunteers he had served under de Valera in Boland's Garrison during the Easter Rising in 1916. When Dev arrived in Tullow his first stop was at the house of the parish priest where he was interviewed in the company of Father Sean Kelly C.C. Many of Thomas Traynor's 10 children were in Tullow for the mass and the wreath laying ceremony at the Traynor memorial in the town. Among those pictured meeting Dev on the day were Wm. O'Connor, Sean Monaghan, Jim McGrath, Frank Mallin and Peter Rooney and other members of the Carlow Brigade Irish Republican Army


31.10.2022 01:20

Samuel W. Davis

Hello , My connection to Thoms Traynor is from his wife on the Davis side .

25.08.2021 16:21

David John Roche

he is my granduncle through my mothers side... Eileen Traynor

21.04.2021 17:37

Michelle Traynor

My parents were at the unveiling of his statue In Tullow. He was my great uncle. He was hanged at 39 years of age. Leaving his wife and ten children 😢. I’m on the Heritage family tree if interested

21.08.2018 22:44

Leisa lavery

Thomas Traynor was my great great uncle through my granny’s Nolan side

28.06.2018 17:28

John Patrick Mulhall

Has anyone any information on the mulhalls of Tullow, photos etc they were blacksmiths and later had the the mulhall shop which was originally the blacksmiths forge I believe? Any information

11.05.2018 17:13

Kevin Butler

He is my great uncle my granny’s uncle

24.02.2018 23:46

Gerard Talbot

Hello to all relatives of Thomas Traynor, during a recent family ancestral search we discovered that Thomas Is our great grandfather. If you feel you are related please contact me 0873343800

23.10.2020 00:11

Christina Traynor

im related my pap just told me

28.02.2018 16:47

Arman Denli

He is my Great Grand father too.

11.02.2018 23:41

Helen Evans

Thomas Traynor was my grandmother's brother. I'm proud of him. My mother married a Welshman so we were born and brought up in Wales. Would love to make contact with any of Thomas' descendants

01.12.2017 18:28

Thomas Traynor

My name is Thomas Traynor, my grandparents always told me I was named after him. I am proud to carry the name.

07.11.2020 12:37


Hi I am researching Thomas and found his Father & Mother Patrick Joseph Traynor, Mary (born Comally)

05.12.2017 09:34

John Keogh

Hi Joe can email me your family details dates etc.

26.08.2017 23:43

joe trainor

my name is joe trainor grate grandpaerents from tiporari intresting . could e
we be related

05.08.2017 13:16

Cathleen Traynor

My husband make is Thomas Traynor,wonder if related ?