Grange Cemetry inscriptions by John Keogh

Published in Connaught Journal
Galway, Ireland
Thursday, January 2, 1823
Volume 69 Price 5 Pence

On Sunday (22nd December 1822) the first mass was celebrated by the Rev. Mr.
CLANCY, in New Chapel of Upper Grange, on the estremity of the Parish of
Tullow. It stands on that part of the Earl of Besborough's estate usually
termed Slaney quarter, adjoining Killerig; that Nobleman having granted; by
free gift, with that generosity and beneficence, which has always
distinguished him, an acre of ground free for the site of the building, and
a School-house; this is intended as a Chapel of Ease for the accommodation
of the extreme Districts of the Parishes of Tullow, Rathvilly, and
Bennekerry, which, from their remote situation, being very distant from
their respective Parish Chapels, laboured under very great inconveniences
with respect to the hearing of Mass on Sundays and Holydays. It was to
remedy this inconvenience that the Right Rev. Dr. DOYLE granted his special
license and approval to the erection of the present building.--Carlow Post.Connaught Journal
Galway, Ireland.


Grange School

JAMES HOLLIGAN AND JAMES WALSHOpened 1st May 1823 no public school except from May to October. Roman Catholics; Holligan’s age 35; a moral man James Walsh 19: neither of them very competent; taught in the country. Income £8 ; the rates per quarter: Spelling 2s.  2d.,   Writing 2s.  6d., Arithmetic, Book-keeping – ..    School held in a Roman Catholic chapel; length 57 feet,  breadth 25; built of lime, mortar and stone; expense £100 paid by the poor Catholics.   Not in connexion with any Association etc.   Patron Rev. Mr. Clancy.   Visited by Mr. Clancy.   Average attendance:

(a) Summer 1824 – Males 70, Females 30; Established Church 3, Roman Catholics 97.

(b) Summer 1823, 100

4 to 20 can read; learn to read in 3 years. Books used are listed.   Books – Primers, Universal and Rational Spelling Books, Views of the Creation, Think Well On’t, Grounds of the Catholic Doctrine, Lessons for Lent, Moral Essays in Praise of Virtue, Scott’s Elocution, Instructions for Every Day in the Year, Mary of Egypt.   No Testament used here.



Burials for Saint John The Baptist Grange Cemetry transcribed from over two months in the 1980's.The interesting thing about this cemetry is that many of the names on each headstone are from a all over. I transcribed names plus the date recorded. Some families have multiple headstones.There are other mentions and Latin quotations. The reason why they are not in alphabetical order is because they were recorded in plot sequence from the gate entrance.

 John Hickey 1887 also James 1891,Elizabeth1907, John 1950

Edward McCutcheon 1972,

Thomas Gorman 1972,

Margaret Dalton 1975,

Mary Redmond 1843 & Patrick 1870,Anne 1891, 

Patk Mc Donald 1982,and his parents

Thomas Dawson 1975 & wife Martha,

Mary Ann Kehoe 1966, Michael 190?

Wm. McDonald 1970,

Wm McAssey,

Thomas Murphy 1965,

Ellen Flemming 1967 &Elizabeth1973,Thomas 1978

Michael Doyle 1844 by father Laurence

Anne Nolan 1965,Michael 1970

Mary Foster 1847, 

Ed Walsh 1834 & Magaret  1857, Elenor 1830, Catherine 1852

Edward Walsh 1940, Catherine 1948, Andrew Walsh 1965

Patrick Nolan 1971, Michael 1971

 Anne Keating 1875,George 1845,  Bridget died young,Patrick 1885

 John Keating1915,Catherine 1919,Anna Maria 1925, Patrick 1950, Elizabeth 1957

 Patrick Whelan 1901, Sarah 1911, Bridget 1912, Patrick 1956,

Anne Dwyer 1848 by Michael Dwyer

Thomas Byrne erected by son John Liverpool 1800's??

Catherine Lawlor 1845 by Patrick Lawlor

Catherine Connolly 1849,Aunt Elizabeth Neill 1846, Mary Connolly1874, John 1884, Patrick 1939

Kate Connoly 1882, Peter1914, Elizabeth 1919, Elly M 1944, Mary 1948, Brede 1981

Patrick Whelan 1886, Anne , Bridget 1900, Maryanne 1900, Daniel 1924, Ellen 1941

Anastasis Keogh 1865, Mrs Hayden 1894,Joseph Kiern Gahan 1924 ,Mary francis Gahan 1934, Ellen Brigid Gahan died young. erected by Francis Hayden Paulville.                       

Anne Byrne 1865, Mary 1875,Kate 1878, Rosanna 1880, Mary 1883, Maryanne 1884, John 1894, Eugene Peppard 1905,Elizabeth Peppard 1975.                                                                       

Mary Bolger 1855, Thomas 1857, Patrick 1863 erected by father Patrick 

Margaret Bolger 1869, Patrick 1870, James and Fanny died young, Edward 1886, daughters Maryannie, Margaret Lucy,  Also Maryanne Tullow and Marella Margaret Bolger Kill, Kate 1934

John Bolger 1870, Thomas 1938, Marcella 1954 by Elizabeth BolgerTullow.

 Margaret Doyle 1871, Martin 1874, Margaret 1891, Martin 1900

John Flynn 181869 by wife Margaret

Mary Doyle 1833, Patrick 1874 

John Byrne 1848, Bridget 1865,Joseph 1918,Ellen 1928,Patsy1927,Lawrence1928,Maureen 1943

Ellen Keating 1980, William 1981

Patrck Coogan 1856, James M 1872, Laurence 1877, John 1889,Laurence Byrne , Joseph Byrne 1939, Christina N Byrne, Anne O'Farrell 1951, Alice Byrne 1958

Thomas Murphy 1857 by Sarah wife,

William Murphy 1882, Patrick 1882,Teresa J 1887, Mary Anne 1902, Michael P S 1946

Michael Dowling 1874, Ellen Wickham 1871, Julia Kehoe died USA, Michael 1903, Willie 1907, Patrick 1945.

Ellen Dowling 1956, Catherine 1963, Elizabeth 1978, Thomas 1981.

John Nolan 1863, Catherine 1874, James 1877, Mary 1879, Thomas 1904, John 1874, Elizabeth 1879, Esther 1800, Mary Anne 1902,

James Bolger 1864, Mary 1869, Thomas died young

Elizabeth Hughes 1847, Martin 1847. by son Edward

Francis Roche 1876, Alcia 1923, Michael Paul Roche 1979, pray for Francis and wife Alicia.

Charles F McNally 1919,Charles Edward 1919, Hugh 1950, Bridget 1963.

Margaret Roche 1866, Michael 1874, Mary Josephine 1898, Michael 1899, Catherine 1900.

Alice McNally 1911 wife of Charles.

Michael J Mc Nally 1923, Kevin 1982.

 Kate Moore 1855, Thomas 1887, Margaret 1887 erected by Mrs McCann alias May Moore

Annie Moore 1876, William 1882

Mary Moore 1813, Mary 1862, Edward 1871, Bridget 1896, Edward 1924, Elizabeth 1929, grandaughter, Eddie 1943, Eileesh 1943.

Patrick Griffin 1884, Sarah 1889, Katherine 1888, Denis 1890, Thomas died young. Mary M 1941, Patrick J 1945.

Rev. James Griffin C. C. 1973.

John Doyle 1858 erected by Mrs Mary Doyle

Michael Doyle 1855, Margaret 1855, John 1861, Johanne ----- erected by Margaret Doyle wife Castledermot

Michael Doyle 1946

 Margaret Byrne 1874, Michael 1875,Bernard 1917, Sara Doyle 1920, Bridget Doyle 1923, John Duncan 1952. erected by Elizabeth M Duncan.

Polished Black Granite O'Neill

James Nicholson 1954, Jane 1963, James 1974, Hugh 1977.

Patrick Sheppard 1838, Mary 1944, Alice 1952, John 1955, Joseph 1963.

James Quinn 1840,Elizabeth 1842, Kate 1842, erected by Johanna Higgins.  

Mary Nolan 1859, Bernard 1832, Anne Nolan 1853, John Nolan 1853, Catherine 1858. 

James Nolan 1871, Mary 1872, Kate died young.erected by Bridget Nolan Carlow

Michl Muldoone 1869 by wife Catherine,

Stephen Jackman 1973,

Patrick Bolger 1848,

James Bolger 1850 by wife Martha??

Michael Lynch 1865, Catherine 1860, Patrick 1865, Anne 1886, James 1889, Ellen died young

John Rice 1842, Thomas 1852 by Patrick Rice Davietstown

Hugh MDonald 1883, Anne 1874, Patrick 1896, Hugh 1911

John j. Browne 1973, 

John O'Farrell 1927, Elizabeth 1927, Anthony John 1973, Desmond in Australia.

Paula Farrell 1985,

Denis Byrne 1866, Anne1866, Anne Morrissey 1902, by Wm. and  Pk.

Edward Kelly 1842, by Laurence Kelly

John Kelly 1892,Bridget 1878, and five children died young.

Ellen Slye 1974, John Slye 1978 by son John

Edward Walshe 1946, Mary 1942, Edward 1977, Catherine 1982

Ed Murphy and brother Michael, William Joseph Capt. Royal Dublin Fuisiers who fell at Ginchy France 1916. on back stone Mary Josephine Murphy 1931??, Edward 1900,William Joseph aged 36.

Michael Thomas Murphy 1893, Marie 1908.

Mary Maher Tullow wife of William and son James also Catherine. same headstone Elizabeth Maher 1891, James 1895, William L 1909

Erected by Edward Byrne Tullow. for Lucy Byrne 1882, Sarah 1870, Michael Thos 1888, back stone Mary Magaret, Patrick Frances 1895, Patrick Francis, Bridget Mary, Edward J., Edward Byrne. dates mixed up sort later.

James Byrne 1976,Kathleen 1930, Margaret 1988, 

Hugh Canavan 1982, Elizabeth 1987, Catherine 1971, 

Ed Walsh 1970,Mary 1974, 

Mary Tyrell 1868 by Michl Bolger

Michael Nolan 1878, Julia Nolan 18?? aged 63, Mathew Thomas Grange

May Anne Nolan 1900, Agnes 1900, Thomas 1911.

Michael Nolan child of Thomas and Agnes1889

Michael Styne1876, Anne 1880, Patrick Hade 1970, Patrick Hade 1971, Paul 1972, 

Erected by James and Mary Brennan parents of Eliza Smyth and Elizabeth Nolan 1888, also five brothers of Eliza who is also here 1918.

James McNamara 1881, John 1881, Ellen 1883, Roseanne 1900, Ellen 1922, Margaret Lacey 1954

The following has to be updated look at it as work in progress!!!  March 2022

Kathleen Edmonds 1987, Harry 1987, Catherine 1945, Robert M. Edmonds

James Gainer 1827, Patrick 1839, William 1841, Catherine 1851. 

Patrick Gaynor 1918, Brigid 1907,

Edwrd Byrne 1835, Bridget 1872, John 1884, Mary 1886, Patrick1902, Kate died young, Edward 1935, Kate 1945, Patrick 1962, Bridget 1972, John 1976, Bridget 1972, Mary A. 1978.

Eleanor Hunt 1991,

John Kavanagh 1834, ---Granfather Byrne 1835 of BallyByrne.

Elizabeth Byrne 181882, Charles 1862, Elizabeth 1878, James 1853, John 1832, Bridget 1846, Michael 1891. 

Anne Dwyer 1829, Anne 1843, Thomas 1861.

Mary Theresa  Fogarty Dublin and Mary 1865, James John, John Dempsey Garretstown 1884

Patrick Nolan 1858, Catherine 1858, Thomas 1857, Margaret 1847, James 1850, James 1842, Bridget 1881.

Winnfred Nolan 1924, Thomas 1947, Patrick 1948, Brigid Dillon 1981.

Catherine Nolan 1861, Catherine 1841, Thomas 1860.

Thomas Lawlor 1851, Lucy 1848, thrre children died young Patrick,James, Henry, Denis 1877

Patrick Griffin 1832 by Mary Griffin wife.

John Murphy 1859, Teresa 1861, Mother, Father brothers Joseph, James, Michael, Andy, John, and sister of Patrick Nolan Margaret of Roscat.

Anne Hennessy 1827, Mary 1926, Jane 1931, Patrick 1942. by Michael Hennessy Clough

Kathleen O Brien 1889, James O'Brien and Mary 1915

John Parker and Catherine 1946, John 1958,Michael Brien 1947.

Thomas Dwyer 1832, Catherine 1835, by Michael Carlow

Ellen Hennessy 181895, Sarah 1899, Mary Baptist 1902, Elizabeth 1911, James 1919 of Knocknagree.

Anne Lee 1835, LoughlinKelly Straboe 1975, by James Lee.

Margaret Ryan 1849 by James Ryan Athy.

George Heyburne 1842, Anne 1848, Francis 1848. 

Thomas Kealy 1909, Mary 1913

Ann Dargan 1800s,

Peter Brennan 1876, Julia 1852, Mary 1885, Catherine 1888. 

Judith Brown 1836, Peter 1837 by Robert of Downings

Patrick Curren 1844, Willia 1863, Michael died young, erected by Wm of Rutand

Ellen Hade 1861, by Richard.

Bridget Walsh 1800s, Joanna Dawson 1936,            James Kinsella, Pk. Mulhall1800s, Michael Nolan Ballybit, Thomas Donoghoe 1800s,                    John Dowling 1800s, Ann Walsh 1800s, Jacobo Walshe 1800s in Latin, Bridget Finn1913,      Bernard Byrne Dublin, Edward Neille 1800s, James Waddock 1800s/1900s, George Nolan 1800s  Patrick McEvoy 1800s, James Byrne 1800s.Kate McDonald 1945, Mary Tobin 18/1900s,      Patrick Hanlon, Patrick Hayden 1800s. Thomas Dooley, Martrtin Dowling 1800s,                Joseph Hickey 1915, James Mulloy 1800s, James Bryan 1800s, John O Leary 1800s,                     Bryan Nolan 1800s, Patrick O Neill 1929/Darcy, Patrick McDonald, Patt Loughlin1800s,         May Kinsella alias Gorman 1800s, Laurence Brennan 1909, MaryAnne Geliey1800s,                     Edward O Neill/Kananagh 1900s. John Nolan 1900s, Joseph Bolger 1800s, Michael Kelly 1800s     Patrick Holden 1800s, Francis W. Fitzimons 18/1900s, Hugh Doyle 1800s, Mary Byrne 1900s,      Mary Donohue 1800s, James Murphy 18/1900s, Mary Dalton 1900s, Mary Hogan 1800s,                James Roche 1800s, Mary Magrath 1800s, Oliver Power 1800/1900s. Catherine Darcy 1800s,       John Reid 1800s, Wm. Kirwan, Kate Toole, James Delaney 1800s, Mary Halligan/Kehoe,      Sarah Maher  1958, Catherine O Neil. John Butler 1901, Ellen Kavanagh, Andrew Fenelon 1800s, James Moran, Mary O Neill, Wm Browne 1929, Terence McDonald, Timothy Dawson 1800s, Michael McDonald, Foley/Donohoe 1800s, Michael Loughlin, Roche/Nolan 1800s. Harry Mackay Pk. Bolger, Sheppard/Dempsey/McDonald, John Bullock1903, Billy Doyle, Ellen Lyons, JamesArchibald, Pk. Hennessy, Thomas Byrne,  Mary Halloran, Sarah Maher, Pk Sweeney, Farrell/Byrne 1922,James Gethings, Byrne/Lynch, Ryan/Healy, Michael Kennessy,                      Germaine/McDonald.John Maher, John Byrne, James Dowling, Margaret Doyle,Byrne/Brennan, Mgt Dowling/Nolan, John Morrissey,Daniel Kelly, Laurence O Toole, Annie Doyle large plot.    Ann Murphy. Annie Dempsey, John Sweeny, Wm. Murphy, Lurence McDonald, Elizabeth Murphy, Anne Dowling 1909, Edward Donohoe, Mary M,McGill , Mary O Neill, Peter Flood 1900;s Ellen Keating, Margaret Shiel, Catherine Murphy, Wm Fields, Bernard Broughaun, Elizabeth Kelly, James Nolan, James Stone, 1900s Kelly/Whelan, BridgetCarroll,James Kelly, Mary Brennan, Mary McHutcheon, Peter Brennan, John McCormack, Ed Sunderland, Michael Carroll, Paddy Shaw, Murtagh Maher, John Gaynor, James Nolan. Murphy/Healy, Thomas Bailey, Thomas Murphy, Bernard Stone, John Bolger, Robert Browne, Catherine Nolan, Philip McCabe, John Dillon.                                                                                                                                                   contd.                                                                  






Courtesy of Ray Flynn The Garage Tullow
View of Grange Church before it was renovated.


05.09.2021 20:47

Mary Cantwell (Wall)

My Maternal grandfather Joseph Samuel Nicholson is buried in Grange I think his brother and family are buried there too I would like any I information you may have so I can locate grave