Births Tullow 1696

Each birth record gives baby's name, date of birth, fathers name and sometimes mothers name.

The first birth listed in this record for Tullow Co. Carlow is on


24/5/1696  One George Pendered   born to William his father mother's name not given


next  is One Elizabeth Pendered

In year 1700 One Jackson Rachel and so on

Murray Wm

Mary Gallaway

Sando James

Doyle Edward

Susanna Barker

Mulinex Edward

May Margaret

Clift Elizabeth

Grahams Jane

Bunbury Sarah

In 1701 Wall Edward

Jackson John

Lucas Anne

Sando Magdalene

Baylin William

Dobbin Margaret

Cotton Daughter

Owens Katherine

Snead Mary

G/r/een ? Isabell

Baker John

Chambers John

Dixon Andrew

In 1702 Horner Mary

Swan Edward

Nolan Luke

Spencer Joseph

Drout Elizabeth

Bethel Benjamin

Everets William

Underwood Mary

Doyle Patrick

Worthington Elinor

Williams Jacob

Gallway Thomas

Bayly Mary

Bunbury Benjiman

Wyse James

Ryan Thomas

Webb Simon

May Thomas

McCarty Mary

In 1703 Mullakin Richard

Jackson (twin boys) William and Crutchly

Cosby  Michael

Wilks Anne

Ellis Mary

Grahams John

Harrison Theophilus

Brown William

La/e/cky Elizabeth

Baker William

Whitney George

Dams Mathew

Wilcox Henry

Jones Elizabeth

Gales William


Other years include the following:

1704,1705,1706,1707,1708,1709,1710,1711,1712,1713,,1714,1715,1716; 1717,

Mother's name given from  1718,1719,1720,1721, 1722,1723,1724, 

( 1725 to 1735) full listed

(1736) to (1739) full list

1740 to1774 full list

1775to 1821 all  missing

1822 to 1844    births and baptisms listed


Burials from 1825 to 1844 listed giving date and names.


 Baptisms Tullow 1823

Caith Dowse

Jas St. Clair

Eliza Hickey

Eliza Hickey Caith

On Green Tullow

Caith Nolan

Tullow Jas Smyth,

John Whaley

Ardristan Dan dawson

Cranes Eliza Hewson

Tullow John cassidy

Catt Murphy

Catherine Murphy

John Fiotzgerald

On Green Denis Finn

on Green Jas Doyle.