Boxer Doyle

Man with blue line is Tom Doyle

Thomas (The Boxer) Doyle.
Tom was born to John (the baker) and Johanna (nee Lawless) Doyle, a midwife in Tullow Co Carlow. Johanna Lawless was from Connaberry, Ballon, Co Carlow. He had one sibling his brother Edward. He lived most of his life in his grandparents home. Thomas and Catherine (nee Kirwan from Roscatt) Doyle lived at No 17 Abbey Street, Tullow, Co Carlow, along with his parents and brother Edward. It was also a busy bakery.
Tom was born in number 2 Modesty Hall September 9th 1899. His only sibling Edward was born October 15th 1901. His parents lived there for a few years before returning to 17 Abbey Street
Tom's godparents were Catherine (nee Doyle) Johnson and William Johnson (the local tailor). Catherine was his Dad’s sister. She died a young wife and mother in 1908.Tom and his brother Edward were around the same age as the Johnson children. The cousins remained friends. He along with his brother attended the local boys school.

Tom joined the British Army and fought in World War 1. He was under age when he signed up.Tom told many stories of his service in WW1 and his time abroad. It is believed that he was a prisoner of war. He had obvious wounds of war. He had a scar on his neck also another on the top of his head. These were injuries received during the war. Tom was attached to the Royal Engineers, as a driver. He served in Gallipoli as a runner, (delivering messages to various battalions etc). He like others received service medals.

Tom kept some ornaments and carvings from various locations he had travelled to. He also kept various coins from countries he had been in including Italy, France and other locations.
He kept four bullets, one of which he was suppose to have been shot with.
During his time in the British Army Tom was an  army Champion Boxer. He won medals for boxing competitions in 1927/28. He was a big strong man in height and build, with big hands.
Tom worked in the family bakery on his return from service abroad. In the early days he delivered bread by horse and cart locally around Tullow.
From time to time he  escorted his mother who was a midwife , when she attended to women patients in labour outside the town. He always had an interest in boxing and other sports.He had a boxing ring in the back of No 17 Abbey Street where he trained himself along with others. Tom trained the local boys in the art of boxing and was also active in the local G A A. In later years he trained the local lads. He won a medal as the trainer of the Tullow Juniors who won the County championship in 1951.Previous to this he had a medal from 1942 St. Patrick’s GAA Tullow.Tom along with his brother Edward also owned and trained greyhounds and were known to have had some success in racing them!

Locals in Tullow are said to have recited poems about the Doyles and their greyhounds. Tom was always involved in sporting and community activities in Tullow, where he was a very popular person.
He also worked on the docks in Liverpool, Merseyside as a docks policeman.
On his final return to Ireland in the early 1970s Tom lived with his brother Edward who was now a widower, in Pairc Mhuire. Later he resided in St Olivers Villas.
Tom attended the Punchestown festival on occasion. He would stay with his nephew Matt Doyle and family who lived near Punchestown.
He died of complications from diabetes in November 1978 aged 79 years. Tom is buried in The Mullawn Cemetary in Tullow, along with his grandparents Tom and Cathrein Doyle, his God Parents Catherine and William Johnson and other family members.Tom did not marry.

Written by Grand niece
Aine Doyle